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Supporting start ups

Starts-ups in the low carbon sector can face two challenges.  Firstly they have to finance their own development and secondy they often have to find finance for their first projects, in essence creating their first customers.

Marksman Consulting has worked with a range of new firms, in the tidal energy sector, with battery storage developers and a small scale wind start up, addressing these issues.   Not having FCA regulation, Marksman is partnered with Lancea Partners for any formal activity, but can provide much of the pre-work and problem solving, including market testing directly with potential sources of funds

Financing building energy efficiency retrofit

Marksman has done a lot of work on financing building retrofit for energy efficiency improvements, both domestic and non-domestic.   It believes that finance is and will be available for this vital activity, and that the biggest barrier is the lack of suitable projects.  Anyone who can deliver a suitable pipeline will find finance available.  The challenges is find funding to find the pipeline.

We continue to believe that on-bill finance, as utilised by the Green Deal, is a very effective way to deploy funding and  for investors to recover their investment and have an on-going relationship with one non-domestic provider who wishes to use this mechanism

Equities, bonds and investment funds

With enviromental finance often focused on project finance, Marksman has been pleased to work in other asset classes.   We carried out a review of sustainable investing for a private wealth firm, helped an investment fund reveiw its go-to-market strategey and carried out a study for the Carbon Trust on how the finance sector was looking at the move to a low carbon economy. 

One early piece of work had us supporting CDP Forests, when it was the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project, signing up their first supporters in the finance sector.

Financing the local low carbon economy

Early work with local authorities on energy efficiency retrofit led to an understanding on and work in how to use low carbon development as inward investment opportunity.  This required local authorities to kick start the process with their own capital on low carbon projects so generating income to develop additional projects. 

Marksman worked with a range of local authorities including West Sussex, Southend, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and London on this and on the energy efficiency retrofit models