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How we do it

Our approach to working with clients is based on Christoph's experience from working at McKinsey, adapted to deliver a recommendation that has been developed with the client to ensure deep understanding and commitment to deliver.

We believe it is worth starting, not with a blank piece of paper, but with a strawman, something that everyone can review and adjust to arrive at the right solution.  This strawman is developed from our market knowledge and that of the client's.  It can be something worked up in some detail if we have seen the issue before or it can be something quite light because it is new and ground breaking.  Either way we expect to change of the course of the engagement, based on market feedback and detailed research, and welcome input and ideas to take it towards its final outcome.

Of course the strawman has be both rationale and tested against the market evidence.  We do this through process which leads to further development and refinement of the model

- Internal interviews and workshops with client team members

- External interviews and workshops

- Desktop research from the internet and publications

- Data analysis and model building

We are strong in capturing what we hear and see using meeting notes so that the client has access to the source data as well as the summaries of the evidence that we gather.

And all the time we check the emerging solution with the client team members.  We do this by using MS PowerPoint decks to tell, retell, reshuffle, amend and finanlise the findings.  It the client wants it, then we can also write it up in a MS Word document