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Enviromental Finance

So what is environmental finance and where does Marksman Consulting fit in?

Conceptually we see ourselves as being the translator or ambassador between the finance and enviromental sectors.  Many in the environmental sector know that we need to access funding to address environmental issues, reduce carbon, prevent deforestation and create green growth.  However, they often admit that they don't understand finance.  Whilst the finance sector is now actively investing in low carbon power generation, there is still caution on new technology, new business models and the broader world of sustainable finance.

Marksman Consulting works to undertand both worlds, making them mutally understandable, keeping up to speed with developments and bringing the sectors together for those much sought after win/win solutions.

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Financial solutions to enviromental problems

A lot of money needs to be spent on environmental programmes over the next twenty years, at $1trillion pa globably (according to the IEA) and currently we are way short of our targets.  So what Marksman Consulting aims to do is help clients develop their financing strategies so that they can access the required funds.  We need to understand how the cash might flow in a programme, what the returns might be to the finance sector, the risks in investing and the ways that these can be reduced.  We then recommend how to adjust or even create the model so as to attract the funds. 

Funds can come from a variety of sources, from the debt and equity markets, from instrastructure and venture funds, from corporate or angel investors, or through acccessing UK and EU grants

Each programme will have its own solution, designed to deliver the required outcomes.

Helping the finance sector's activities in the enviromental markets

The finance sector frequently does not wait to be asked by the enviromental sector to provide finance, but comes in with its own solutions.  It then needs help to refine these solutions and market them to investors or developers.  We help them to develop appropriate strategies for both audiences. 

We have a good understanding of what investors in enviromental progammes look for, their preferences and dislikes, and we understand that developing a pipeline strategy requires real insight, and a strong network in the target market

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