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Marksman has particular expertise in the Blue Economy, how to work ith the sea sustainably.   The sea can deliver so much but is vulnerable, without the visibility, but with less visibility.

Tidal Stream Energy

Christoph Harwood was Commercial Director of Sustainable Marine Energy, a tidal energy platform technology company.  He help build the company from its early days, working on fund raising for both the company and early projects.


Christoph is now a Director of Simply Blue Aquaculture, a company created to provide low impact salmon farming solutions to the Scottish salmon farming sector.   It will do this by consenting, developing and installing low impact structures, as soon as they are viable, and then leasing them to the salmon farming sector

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Tidal Range

Marksman Consulting carried out work investigating the scope for small scale tidal range solutions in docks, harbours and ports.  This is still a new area on the cusp of being viable

Wave and floating wind

As part of a working relationship with Simply Blue Enegy, Christoph supports their development of opportunities in the wave and floating wind sectors.