Marksman Consulting is an environmental finance consultancy working on finance strategies for a range of clients.   Sometimes we work with clients who are delivering environmental programmes and need access to finance, sometimes with those who want to provide the required financial solutions.

Finance solutions comes in all shapes, sizes and mixes. What is required is the right combination for the particular environmental issue that is being addressed. Sometimes venture capital is required, sometimes a company’s balance sheet, sometimes bank finance or sometimes the bond market. Sometimes a mixture of these at different times.

Projects can be large.   We need billions to finance energy efficiency programmes in cities, or small, the few million or even less to finance individual community renewables programmes.
We have worked with a range of clients after setting up in 2009.

Local authorities – working on financing solutions for housing retrofit and looking beyond this to financing the local low carbon economy.

The Energy Saving Trust and the Carbon Trust – financing of local authority and other public sector programmes and the role of investors in the move to the low carbon economy

Banks, hedge funds and infrastructure funds – designing the proposition for the target market and to attract investors

Corporates – finance strategies for their client service activity and their own programmes

NGOs – engaging with the finance sector and development of finance strategies for individual programmes

Start ups – working on financing strategies at both parent company level and on finance to pay for deployment of projects